Thursday, February 17, 2011


(An entry written the night I found out the news)

I had tonight all figured out.
I have 14 goals…4 of which I was planning to do before I call it a night.
…and then a call that changed everything.

RPN9 to sign off next week?
Management: NO COMMENT

What would you do if you learn that your future is in somebody else’s hands?
All the time you thought, “I MAKE MY FUTURE”…
Then suddenly you realized…you’re only lying to yourself.

Yes, YOU’RE the hand that feeds us but DON’T YOU EVER…EVER FORGET that we’re the ones who worked our butts off for the food that you claim you’re serving.
We don’t owe YOU anything.
YOU owe us.

So for this service, at least give us the COURTESY to tell it straight to our face.
THE TRUTH HURTS but it’s way better than UNCERTAINTY and definitely, way way better than hearing it from others.

Before we talk about benefits…before we talk about pays…
Arm us first with THE information so we could prepare, help ourselves and take hold of our future.
No amount of money could replace EMPOWERMENT.
YOU COULD GIVE US MILLIONS but if we still can't say "I MAKE MY FUTURE"
Then, what is the point?

RPN9 may cease to exist but it will live on
through its wonderful, beautiful people

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  1. wait.... im lost... did you guys get laid off? or your station is going out of business?

  2. apply na sa CNN. Cabuyao News Network!

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  4. I'm sorry Roma.

    Good management doesn't need to be reminded of the things you said...I'm really sorry the folks at RPN9 forgot that.

    But you are making your own future. In the long-run, this will be just an interesting (but short) paragraph in your biography. 20 years from now people reading your book will say, "Hey, look what happened to Madame Roma--and it didn't stop her!" and they will be inspired.

  5. PS - I visited Tishie's blog today--the stocky dancer in the k-pop video moved really well for a big girl.


  6. Unfortunately, each company in this world cannot guarantee how long do they will exist. Nakaka-miss ding ang old RPN especially during those times na we're still producing shows on that network. Just move on and there's still more opportunity awaits.

  7. rep: it's totally fine if you misread my entry!!! it happens {;

    oh since you read a lot... what are some books you would recommend for me? i like mystery and romance {: and you?

  8. oh my..i noticed my comments yesterday were not uploaded. so here goes:

    bestie, no words to express what we're all feeling right now. It has yet to fully sink in i'm sure there will be more sad moments in the coming days...

    abby, the company's being privatized so there were reports the station will sign off next week. it caused panic among employees in the station. management has yet to confirm these reports.

    laurence, CNN? Seriously...a joke at a time like this? hahahaha *kidding* we need all the jokes you could give at a time like this.

    ric, I'm not really worried about myself...the others though...they have families to feed and children to support. Many employees in the department are contractuals so they may not get separation pays like us, regulars. and oh, bout the dance video in Tishie's blog. Actually trying the steps out myself. hahaha

    james, everyone's for privatization and I have no problem with this. Learning the possibility the station will sign off in less than 5 days, from another station however...that's the problem.

  9. My name is Ronald and I used to work for IBC 13. I am so genuinely upset over this development. My heart bleeds for all of you. I have spent over a decade in Broadcast City and myself have lobbied for the Privatization of IBC and RPN but not like this. I know a lot of you have sacrificed so much for RPN and it's sad to say this is how all of you got paid back and it's highly unfair. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of you. Good luck.

  10. Thanks Ronald :) We are all for privatization as well but like what you said, "NOT LIKE THIS".

  11. Roms, illegitim non carborundum--don't let the bastards get you down! The silver lining: You've been agonizing over the whole should-I-stay-or-should-I-go situation you were in. Looks like the universe has answered for you, and you'll soon be free to pursue your dreams. Go Roma!

    Ric, there's a stocky dancer in that video? It worries me that one of them can be considered a "big girl"--I actually thought they were all hot.:o

  12. That's "illegitimi"--sorry was rushing!

  13. Yeah, I agree with you tish on both points :)
    I don't see anyone stocky in the video :D


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