Monday, February 7, 2011


"I still need to do an accounting of our Iskrambol January sales," I said just shortly after I arrived from one whole day of competitive frisbee in Laguna.

Every part of my body ached like CRAZY but there are errands I needed to attend to.
With this in mind, I tried my best to get up from my VERY comfortable bed, get my accounting sheets and endure a couple of hours of dizzying math.

"Ate, give yourself a break," my sister/teammate pleaded.
Succumbing to the temptation, I said, "Yeah, I deserve a break, don't I?"

First two games of 2011's first league
Won both!
Congratulations my Circus loves!
Photo by Teammate Jan Aliling

You see, before the game...I came from one whole day of washing dishes and delivery errands for Iskrambol...
So except for that sweet but short power nap, I really had no chance to enjoy my WEEKEND BREAK.
But it's alright.
Like I always say, God rewards the hardworking.

(Next a business meeting with SM Leasing Dept.)

Miss Catherine Sy of Shoemart Leasing Dept :

There are so many scramble kiosks already so we really don't accept applications anymore. However, your concept is different. I think we could make an exception. We'll defend your case with the management before the week ends. On POPJUNKLOVE's application, this is the first time we have encountered such a shop. You'll hear from us soon.

From just bazaars to MALLS?
Oh, how I wish!

It's just February, 2nd month of 2011...but already...everything seems to be coming together as planned.
You want to know my secret? :)

Focus on your goal.
Let it consume you.
Consciously and unconsciously, all your actions will be geared towards achieving this one goal.

Even if your body aches like CRAZY...with this one target in'll find the needed strength to get up from your VERY COMFORTABLE bed, cut short your sweet, well-deserved nap and endure more hours of dizzying math. Pin It Now!


  1. I'm actually reading it again! (I read it once a year.) And I also have a copy of the video na so I'll be watching it soon!

  2. Oh I haven't watched the video. I just saw the teaser on their website. Gosh, you're right..there really is a need to read it repeatedly if necessary. Sometimes, with all the bad vibes around's easy to forget some of the lessons we promised ourselves to follow :)

  3. Darnit maybe I should read that thing. I need more P's. Pokus and positivity.. :P

    Oh, congrats on the wins last Sunday! And goodluck with your SM applications!

  4. Normally i WOULD read the book, but I think it's more fun to come here for inspiration. Keep up the great work--you're responsible for inspiring me now! =)

  5. thanks lei :D we all need more POSITIVITY in our lives :D

    ric, you really have a way with words :D you actually made me smile just now :)


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