Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I love crafters.
For me, these guys rarely have idle moments.
I see them as doers, movers...
People who are PROACTIVE rather then REACTIVE.

Do you know how easy it is to create a bracelet or a necklace or a trinket?
Believe is not that hard if you put your mind to it.
What's hard getting up from the couch away from the television...looking for materials for your creative project...and sticking to the decision to DO it.

So to Meream, my craftster friend who describes herself as Bored and Crafty...
"Seriously, with all your you even have time to be bored?"

Seriously??? Who still makes dollhouses?
Yup, only Meream...
More of her dollhouse project here :)

So my friend, Meream here, tagged me among the 15 of her stylish blogger friends. I really don't know what this award means...only that its recipient should say 7 random things about herself...and oh...thank the giver. 



1. Made chocolate Iskrambol today for our bazaar in Ateneo de Manila University.
Yes, sold out again for two straight days now.

Ateneans just love us! 

2. I have not yet paid my traffic violation ticket for 'obstructing motor vehicles'.
I tend to get a ticket (I observed) every time I'm lost (which is often)! 
Yes, I'm directionally challenged.

3. Currently waiting for Bestie's vlog to upload. She's my former
colleague who introduced me to the wonderful world of blogging.
For greeting you happy 3rd anniversary more than a week late, my NO.3 is for you!

4. Doing this entry amid the sound of fireworks. KUNG HEI FAT CHOI everyone.
Since we're on the topic, I was born on July 31, 1983. Leo. Year of the Pig.

To find out yours, go here.

5. I am not into chatting. I don't know why. Maybe because 
I rarely initiate a chat conversation so when someone 
*buzzes* while I'm doing something else...I feel like someone who's 
busy but was asked to open a door for someone.
 (No offense to all you wonderful chatters out there) :D

6. I usually have morning colds. Either because of lack of sleep or dirt.
Only one anti-histamine works for me. NASATAPP.

7. This is the haircut I've been dreaming to have FOREVER.
Unfortunately, I don't think it likes me back.

I could never pull off any above-shoulder haircut!

So that's seven things about me...
...things I'm sure may be of no use to you guys. :D

Keeping in line with the awarding tradition, I pass the baton to some of my stylish blogging friends...

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  1. We have the same name, how cool! I really like your blog btw it's really good!

  2. I've seen it! Thanks. Oh, and I love the lime coloured trainers below;O)

  3. Eeeeeeeee!!! Thank you!

    Leo, so you're....determined. I'm pisces and my last name means "hare", so I'm hoping the year of the rabbit will be a good one.

    Yay to selling out, but boo to getting lost and getting tickets. If it happens again, ask the officer for directions...maybe he'll feel sympathy for you.

    Thank you so much for remembering me during my absence...I missed reading your posts. I'm not 100%, but I am better.

  4. Aww thanks for number 3! Haha. So what'd you think of ze video? :p

  5. thank you!! you are too sweet. I LOVE that haircut but I KNOW i can't pull off a short haircut. haha


  6. Eeek! But I can hardly be called a stylish blogger. Still, thanks for the tag. :P

    I shall ponder upon this post challenge... LOL.

    BTW, I agree with your namesake up there! ;)


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