Friday, January 28, 2011


Just when I thought yesterday's going to be another ordinary day...

Did errands for my love, POPJUNKLOVE

I got this!!!

Got this from Ira Giorgetti of Power Plant Mall
while my friend and I scout for food we could
bring to the cinema...

...and look!!!!

I'll save this...
My MTRCB Card will expire soon. Huhu.

I've heard of sartiorialist-like photographers roaming around even here in the Philippines.
For instance, there's the men and women of Style Bible and Manila Streetstyle.
But my point is...I've never really been photographed by one...until yesterday!
And oh...I got a new haircut too!
Two whoopees for me!!!

I'll just show you guys the picture once it's posted on Rockwell's page already.
My cellphone photos of my outfit for the day...FOR SURE...will pale in comparison so I best just wait. 
For now, I'll share the quote printed on the card they gave me.

For a girl who's still undecided as to which career path to choose...
...this quote just struck home.
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  1. Well-deserved!
    Excited to see the look :)

  2. That goes for both of us! :D Hope I don't look like miss piggy! I tend to look like one sometimes! hahaha. look at my picture here!!! don't deny it!

  3. that so nice :D
    and didn't know you were from the Philippines! I have a friend who lives there :D

  4. thanks for the tag roma dear :) I'll make time for it! Thanks! :) Mwuah!

    Melai of Style and Soul


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