Wednesday, January 26, 2011


While I was covering more than a decades old plunder case...

Military reps testify against Former military official
Carlos Garcia who was accused of amassing more
P300M from gov't coffers 

...somewhere along Edsa...another RPN News Team was helping victims of the recent Makati bus bombing.

RPN9 only has 12 teams so the station rarely gets to be the first one on the scene...
But on that fateful day, a team was in the right place at the right time.

Photo from here.

It was a dark day in Philippine history but in a twisted way, a big day for the struggling station.
For me though, the reason is more than just having the exclusive video.

RPN Correspondent Dale De Vera
Cameraman Abet Sy
Asst Cameraman Ruel Sevilla

I am not really a fan of crime news stories.
(No offense to all my beloved colleagues in the graveyard beat).
It's just that for me, life is too short to surround myself with stories of hate, death and mourning.
But what made the Makati bus bombing footage a little bit bearable for me were rare scenes of hope, courage and gratitude.

When the RPN team stopped to help when no one else did, I saw hope in the eyes of victims...
When the team decided to help despite fears of another explosion, I saw courage...
When the victims got to the hospital, I saw gratitude from those lucky enough to get a second shot at life.

More information on the bombinghere

There's no doubt there's an UGLY, HORRIBLE side to this story...
It's just that...I prefer to focus on whatever good there is out there no matter how insignificant it may be.

I find it hard to smile when I think of bad things...
...and you know me...I LOVE TO SMILE.

Jan 25, 2011: My First Day in Congress

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  1. People who plant bombs are cowardly, hurting random, innocent people that way. I'm glad your team was there to help and shed light on the good, strong survivors. That is a story to smile about.

  2. Yes Ric. the team was lucky to be there! :)

  3. Awwwwwwww... this is a nice post about the awful thing! My mom kinda panicked when it happened cus two of mys sisters go to Lasalle and they take the bus sometimes, when the MRT is sooo full. It's scary that people do this...

  4. ...and her panicking is valid. My Dad also got sister works in Makati also and she takes the bus. I just don't understand the hate! Life is too short for hatred.


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