Sunday, January 23, 2011


Yes...that's how I spent my whole Sunday...
Trying to figure out how to solve variables.

And yes, I was wearing this get up while I was trying to hack my brain for any useful Math information I might have stored after all those years.
If only I allocated just a tinnie bit more space in my brain for Math and a tinsy bit less space for get up possibilities...

dress: Get Laud
necklace, scarf/belt: gift
bag: mango
boots: SM Parisian

I used to say, "Why the hell do we need to study all these?"
Well, now I know.
Every entrepreneur should know his or her numbers...
So in case, you're like me...
Let me make this easier for you.


Hypothetical problem: One container of Iskrambol has a total of 300g carbohydrates. 
This is 10% of a person's daily dietary requirement. One container is equivalent to 25 cups.

1. If one container is 300g and each container is equivalent to 25 cups...Each cup has:

2. So that part's need to figure out what's 12g in terms of percentage of daily dietary requirement.

3. To get the total daily carbohydrate requirement, we could utilize some of the figures in the problem. We know that 10% is .10, right? So here goes...

4. With this information, our only unknown variable is % of daily dietary requirement.


Blah! Blah! Blah!
I'm guessing I've already lost you guys at no 1?
But no worries.
Just in case you need the info, it's here.

And oh...
Why I needed to refresh my Math skills...?
For this...

In case you're wondering how I got this information,
more details here.
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  1. Love the boots! And the nutrition facts! :P

  2. Thanks lei! My head literally hurt after a whole day of Math but it doesn't matter...I solved the problem and tadaaah!!! We have nutrition facts already. :)

  3. Hi there archives :) it's actually a dress from a local brand here in the Philippines, Get Laud. I just used a scarf to separate the top half and bottom :D thanks for dropping by. :D

  4. O.O boots!!! I love! btw, ang cute ng skirt ha. hehe, ok lang yan 'te, nakakasakit ulo talaga ang math! :D at least natapos mo na di ba.. :D btw, why do they require you to provide the nutrition facts?

  5. Thanks chriscel! SM Parisian teens. :D the application's for ateneo kse. I guess they're stricter there because our market are students :)

  6. interesting and mind boggling entry here :)))

  7. Why, yes, you DID lose me at 1. Hahaha!
    Love love love what you're wearing. :)

  8. hazel, thanks :D my mind really was in chaos yesterday. so just in case I need those skills again, I have my "kodigos" here. :D

    Meream, hahaha...don't worry...whenever I re-read this post...I also just browse over the numbers and then proceed to the next text. hahaha.


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