Tuesday, January 4, 2011


As I was browsing through some of our long overdue photos...
I noticed that most of them were unposted outfit photos inspired by no other than Bestie.

Dale, Emman and I look at visiting Bestie with envy :)
The camera just loves her, don't you think?

Yesterday, our boss disclosed that the privatization of RPN9 may push through in a few months after all...
...which means new office and possibly new office mates if I decide to re-apply to the new management.

Against this backdrop, I believe these photos couldn't have come at a better time.

You see...doing outfit posts for amateurs like us takes guts.
You have to be a little crazy to be able to go into public places and pose for the camera amid other people's sometimes judgement-filled eyes.

But don't you think these unforgettable moments which may have only been possible in such unusual situations are all worth the humiliation, real or imagined?


Not to mention the bond formed between crazy people after their crazy moments...

You know the famous line, "Grow old with you"...in this case...happy to have been subconsciously embarrassed with all of you guys. :)

And oh...another plus of doing such vanity adventures...I get to have pretty pictures in the office I may soon say goodbye to.

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  1. Kamusta naman, tawang tawa ako sa isang pic? Haha. Aw shucks, I hope everything turns out okay with the privatization! But when all else fails, like you, I have my RPN photos to look back to. <3

  2. If there was judgement, it was positive...and wishing they were having fun with you. It's hard to leave a good group of co-workers behind. Whatever happens, I hope you all stay friends.

  3. aw, thank you for your kind comment! your support means a lot! :) you look so beautiful in your pictures. I really like your floral top with the belt!


  4. bestie, I didn't even notice that picture with you laughing your brains out :) haha...you still look pretty! :)

    ric...always the positive one...i think I already know what you will say before you even say it :)

    sherry :) I swear..i hope i'd be able to purchase one of your blouses soon. :)

  5. First of all, the floral top is fabulous. I WANT. Secondly, things will turn out for the best. :D

  6. Thanks meream. the top's thrifted! :) the treasures you find in thrift shops! :D


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