Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Remember when we were just kids...
We dreamed of being SOMEBODY someday...

Actress, singer, dancer, doctor, astronaut...
Whatever profession it was...IT HAD TO BE IMPORTANT or GLAMOROUS or BIG!

Kids of the Cuspao clan :)

As we grow old, it seems reality often catches up.
We tend to settle.
We tend to think of the limitations more rather than the possibilities.
We tend to go for just comfortable.

Trying our best to give sparkle to an otherwise boring day in the office

Lately, I've been feeling guilty for wanting to be SUPER RICH.
There's more to life, many say, than money.
True and I very much agree.

They are THE MORE in life!

But just so you don't view me as just this greedy gal...let me explain why I want to be crazy rich...
It's about setting SUPER BIG goals, achieving them and showing others they could do it as well with faith and commitment.
It's about making a BIG MARK in this world and helping open opportunities for others to do the same.
It's about going beyond comfortable and achieving MY HIGHEST POTENTIAL.

Acquiring money is just an indicator of this success.
The journey behind it is what matters more. :)

with our handmade plushies, PIRATE and FRANKIE

PS: There will be big changes in my blog soon..
Watch out for them! :D Pin It Now!


  1. Hey, you're approaching life in a wonderful way--you are not like Scrooge. =) You have friends and family that you treasure AND you're being industrious to build something that could take care of your future family for generations, showing others by example what they can do, and trying to be the best Roma you can be.

    That's perfect!

  2. thanks ric! :) my blog would reflect these adventures soon :) it would be about a journey of an employee soon to be full time businesswoman turned billionaire in the future! :) it would be about dreams and about achieving those dreams! :)


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