Monday, January 3, 2011


I was thinking of a way to make our Reporters' Post-Christmas/Halloween Party relevant to you guys so I decided to just give you a rundown of what my office mates and I wore on that spectacular night.

Hopefully, some of you could get an idea on what to wear on future Halloween/costume parties. :)

Sailor girl, Army soldier
Tribal princess and her man from civilization
Katipunero/Dirty Ice Cream Vendor like the one worn by Dale, the big guy in the middle
Lady Pirate

...or if you're lazy, just try on some funny head pieces like these guys :)

As for me, I was going for Rosario, a character in a movie based on real life.

grabbed from Melai of  Style and Soul

...or maybe I could also pass as Kate Beckinsale (I wish!!!) with her man, Ben Affleck in Pearl Harbor.

Boogie anyone? :)

So that's about it... :)
From all of us here at RPN9...

CHEERS TO 2011!!!

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  1. Awww LOVE the last photo! (:

    Phoebe and Ina = smokin' hot
    Edward = Kinarir. Bow.
    Steph and Cyrian = OKAY? Pilitin daw ba? Hahaha
    Dale = Kahit yata anong costume niya mukha siyang malaking bata, haha
    Roma = Purrdyyyyy

    Looks like a supah fun night guys :D

  2. Great costumes, thank you for sharing. It's nice to see you get so happy when you boggie!

  3. bestie, you should have been there! i'm sure you would have loved dressing up a notch wackier or crazier or prettier than your usual already extravagant outfits! :)

    ric, just in case you're wondering what Katipunero's the term we use for Filipinos back then who staged a revolt against our Spanish colonizers. :) The only thing dale (the big guy in red pants) was missing was his sharp weapon :)

  4. man from civilization, ayos!hahahaha..

  5. :) see..I just gave you a reasonable excuse for wearing your porma clothes to our costume party!!! :)


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