Saturday, January 8, 2011


It's been awhile and as usual...


Being an absentee blogger is not how I wanted to start off my new year... but just so you know, I made sure I spent my time away from all of you...doing things that would hopefully make 2011 MY YEAR. :)

I spent it...
with people I missed...

Ex-officemate, now TV5 Reporter Marlene in one of our coverages

After almost a year!!!! Finally our paths crossed!!! With NBN4 Reporter Rocky
...and with people I will...WITHOUT A DOUBT...miss!

WED: Steph's "SECRET" Adventure

WED: FRO-YO (Frozen Yogurt) Trip 

WED: Bannapple with friends who'd soon leave me for DUBAI again!

FRI: Audition for the new management
(Who wouldn't want to hire such fun-loving people around?!)

FRI: "Party its the end of the world...
You know that it doesn't matter as long as we got each other..."

I also spent it...
...making my dreams come true.

POPJUNKLOVE to be a member of the F*art family soon! Watch out for it! :)

"The number one reason people don't get what they want is that

It's been just a couple of days since the first of January 2011 but already...
...I feel I've accomplished something.

(with our imaginary glasses raised...)

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  1. I'm glad your time away was productive and fun. I've been away a bit too, but only because work has been so busy. Ugh!

    I want to win the lottery!!! LOL, just kidding, I don't realy care about money too much. As for work, I want to feel like what I do matters and enjoy the people I work with. I don't have good co-workers right now.

  2. Hi ric! It's been awhile! I really miss reading all your entries :D just don't focus on your not-so-good co workers. Like what T Harv Eker said, "What you focus on expands!" don't want your officemates becoming big greasly monster bears! :)

  3. That's good advice, thanks!

    If you don't let Blogger show your e-mail address on your profile page, when the system sends me a message that you left a comment, it looks like the message below--with "noreply-comment" in as the e-mail address. I made up Larry when I imagined someone at blogger reading the responses I accidentally sent to that e-mail address. =)

    ---------- Original Message ----------
    From: Roma
    Subject: [RicAdeMus - Waiting for Wisdom] New comment on noreply-comment @
    Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2011 06:31:26 -0800 (PST)

    Roma has left a new comment on your post "noreply-comment @":

    waaaah...this is how newbie I am at this --> @_@ --> I don't get it :( who's larry and what mis-sent messages. Oh my...maybe I have a jane?

  4. oh I see :) when I read it in the comments-to-be-moderated didn't look like this! it was more confusing :o good thing I checked the actual I get it! thanks ric. hmmm...maybe you could be a teacher? you're a good explainer... :D


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