Friday, October 29, 2010


 I may be smiling in the picture but after entering the Isabela boundary, the site of devastation just took the smile off my face.

Almost all their electric posts are like these.

Juan was so strong it brought down a community center.

These shots were taken during my first trip. I actually just came back from my second visit there. The sun is definitely up already but the devastation left by Supertyphoon Juan just gave the place a gloomy feel.

Homeless residents temporarily staying at their local gym

83 year old Manuel Pagadian: Wala pang bagyong nagpabagsak sa bahay ko. Si Juan palang.

I was present during some of the meetings of the local officials there.

Former Tumauini Mayor Arnold Bautista cites the statistics

at the Ilagan Municipal Hall with local officials and RPN9 President Tonypet Albano

One of their major issues is that there seems to be lack of awareness on the province's current state. They said unlike Tropical Storm Ondoy, awareness was only high on the first few days following Juan. The extent of the damage is just as big as Ondoy but help does not seem to pour in as fast as they've hoped.

Here are the figures.
42,767 families have TOTALLY LOST THEIR HOMES while 78,028 families live in partially damaged houses.
Most residents there are farmers. They have yet to harvest their crops when Juan hit their province.Total cost of damage to agriculture is P2,500,000,000.
This does not yet include damage to livestock and fishery. Officials pegged this at around P21,996,000.
Meanwhile, cost of damage to infrastructure like roads, schools, and government properties could hit more than  P3,500,000,000. Classes are still suspended up to now.

8000 families line up at another local gym for relief packs

Dark clouds threaten rebuilding efforts of residents and Gawad Kalinga volunteers

On my last day in Isabela, I was lucky enough to meet representatives of the Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation. They were in the province to do an ocular so they could assess what kind of assistance they could extend to Isabela.

After a few minutes with them, I learned a very important lesson -- 
"The receiver always brings with him/her blessings for the people who help should always say thank you to those who need their help."

with Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation Volunteers

So let's find blessing in those who need our help in Isabela.
Click these sites to know how affected residents could make a difference in your lives. 

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Monday, October 25, 2010


A friend once told me that you should reward yourself for every achievement.
Well, I haven't won an award or anything but I believe every task written off my long to-do-list is  achievement enough for me.

Straight from my long grueling Supertyphoon Juan coverage in Isabela, I spent time with my teammates in Dada's newly opened bar, Taverna, in Tomas Morato. It was less sleeping hours for me but like what my teammates always say, "Life is short".

with my sister and map

maan does her signature tongue-saying-hello pose while map, jacq perfect my duck face 

The next activity may not have been 12 hours away but it may just be as tiring. Divisoria from 11am to 8pm for some Popjunklove errands. My reward...

Accessories for my collection

The following day I packed kilos and kilos of ingredients for Iskrambol ni Juan at Maria like there was no tomorrow.

packing in my royal blue Get Laud ensemble

New Iskrambol flavor, Cookies and cream

To reward myself, I went to the month-old Spa Bali Bliss in Katipunan. Okay, I admit. I still did budgeting errands while having my nails done but hey, it was still better than JUST budgeting. :)

availed of Spa Bali's 200p-mani-pedi-footbath promo

Plus free juice served by uberly courteous 'ates'

It was the first time in months that I did something for myself and I feel the need to pat my back (if that's possible) for inserting that one hour break in my busy schedule. Though it was only short, I ended up in a much happier mood and that's good enough for me.

Going back to work but this time, with a smile and a free pillow 

So why reward yourself?
Because you need to be in a good mood to attract goodness...
You need to feel happy to attract happiness...
And you need to love yourself to attract love.

Goodness, happiness and love from just an hour of break...
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Wednesday, October 20, 2010


If you're reading this entry, then you're probably lucky.
There are a lot out there who currently have no electricity following the onslaught of the country's first ever super typhoon this year.

A day after Typhoon Juan hit Camiling, Tarlac

My team and I were supposed to go to Dagupan to check on the status of the fish pens there. We were, however, greeted by a roadblock in Camiling, Tarlac as some barangays were submerged in flood.

My cameraman, Boy Anunuevo, shooting Tarlac's submerged rice fields

My assistant cameraman makes sure our camera survives the storm

Wet from the rain but still smiling
I soon lost my smile though after I met Mr. Alfredo Bautista, a Barangay councilor and farmer.
He was supposed to harvest his palay next week. Now, he could only watch as floods brought about by Typhoon Juan wash away his months of hard work.

I could just imagine what Mr. Bautista is going through!
I am an entrepreneur and I think I have a pretty good idea of what it would feel like to lose an investment with one single mistake or misfortune.

So while I only had this to get me through the tiring coverage...

Sunflower crackers for breakfast, lunch and almost dinner

I had no complaints.
I am blessed and fortunate.
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Sunday, October 17, 2010

POPJUNKLOVE to be featured again!

A reporter from one of the country's broadsheets asked us if she could do a feature about PopJunkLove.
My sister and I answered her questions separately. When I read my sister's answers, I was particularly proud of how she explained why we haven't given up on our craft despite the sleepless nights, backaches and pressure.

still making accessories at 12 in the evening

We see Popjunklove as an established and well-loved DIY craft business here in the country. We want to open Filipinos’ minds to the beauty of handmade Pinoy products. There are a lot of independent crafters out there who may be skeptical about pursuing their craft and we want to inspire them to believe in their talents.

We are not yet a big brand and there’s still a lot more we need to do in order to accomplish our goals but I believe that we are getting there, one step at a time.”

The entire article would come out in Business World soon.
Watch out for it! :)

Safety pin necklaces. More POPJUNKLOVE items here

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Friday, October 15, 2010


Up to what extent could we invoke our RIGHTS?
"I have the right to do this". "I have the right to do that". 
These are statements that I often hear people say every time they feel like justifying their actions.

I am a Filipino and have lived in this beautiful country since birth. People just doing whatever they want because they claim that they're free are scenarios I see on a daily basis. Don't get me wrong. I love the freedom here. There are days, though, when I can't help but think --- Sometimes, WE'RE JUST TOO FREE

Yes, we have rights and yes, we are free.
But just like the famous “Spiderman” line, these come with responsibilities.

Every time you choose not to use the pedestrian lane or the footbridge, remember that you risk not only your safety but that of other motorists’ as well.
Every time you decide to pee wherever, remember that you risk not only your personal hygiene but that of the community’s residents’ as well.

MMDA Toilets (Where are these located? I haven't seen one...ever)

Every time you express your opinions loosely, you risk not only your chance to change the world for the better but others' chance to live in a better world.

No need for pennies for our thoughts
So next time you feel like invoking your rights, make sure that you'll exercise it in the context of others…because while you’re free, it doesn’t give you the right to step on others who’re just as free.
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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Food Adventure under P50

I just got my salary today and I felt like splurging in good food. You know what I mean? Just eating what you want without worrying about THE FIGURE on the receipt later. But then I remembered the many instances just last week when I had one hell of a good time in separate food trips with friends. It didn't require too much money, which I think proves my earlier point in my Banchetto food entry -- More than the food, it's the company.

Dale and I pose with his free, "Pinoy Tasty" from a coverage

With only 50 pesos each, my officemates and I went to UP Diliman to eat. The university is known for its street food so 50 pesos could go a long way there. For those who's looking for the infamous food stall which offers orange-colored, marinated isaw, it was transferred at the empty lot in front of the International Center Dormitory. Its accompanying stalls also transferred there. Equipped with this knowledge...Dale, Emman and I were able to eat isaw and fishballs in just one stop, all within our 50-peso budget. *Sigh* Isn't life just perfect? :)

Emman's 3rd stick of fishballs

Got myself a few sticks of isaw baboy, isaw manok & tenga

One stick, one bite
Of course, what's a food trip without the accompanying dessert. For this purpose, we went to Lutong Bahay. The canteen offers the most sought after shakes in the campus. It's located beside the post office near the neglected tennis court and UP Shopping Center. There's nothing really extraordinary about their shakes. Its appeal, though, stems from the generosity of its vendors. Imagine. For 35 pesos, you get one large cup and one medium cup. So Emman here who sort of failed to keep his isaw-fishball adventure below 50 pesos, got two free medium cups from Dale and me.

Dale, Emman and I invade UP Lutong Bahay
My favorite, Choco-banana :)
To top it all off, I got to enjoy free food as well right after our frisbee training at the barracks. 
My team and I ate imported ham and cheese sandwich brought by Frankie and Sher. Some had 5 slices of ham each. Others filled with an inch of cream cheese. I have no other words except, "Nyom, nyom, nyom."

Maan, James and Ryan with their free ham sandwiches

Jones and Don almost done with their freebies
(*sorry for the pictures. just used my cel and it was night time, obviously *smile*)  
I only had 50 pesos in my pocket then. 
But my experience...still priceless. :) 

Who says you need loads of money to have fun?

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Friday, October 8, 2010


I just received bad news today. My businesses currently have two bookings for November—a food bazaar in Global City for The Gourmet ISKRAMBOL Shop and the much-anticipated St. James Bazaar in Alabang for Popjunklove. These should be good news. More bookings mean business is good, right? Right. But unfortunately, the St. James Bazaar would fall on the Spirits week. Boohoo.

Happy Iskrambol Customers pose for the camera

POPJUNKLOVE client hugs her Preezy

Spirits is an annual international Frisbee tournament organized by the Philippine Ultimate Association. This year, it would be held in Subic from November 26 to 28, the same week of one of the country’s biggest bazaars, St. James.

The Dumaguete-like experiences I would most likely miss

Initially, my sister and I planned to just hire a person to man our booth. But I just learned today that Rockwell may have two bazaars this November. This means one would likely fall on the same week of Spirits as well. Both of my businesses join Rockwell-organized events. So if this scenario occurs, I have three booths at separate venues. I could not be on the other side of the world when this happens. It’s going to be a business nightmare.

Sad, sad, sad.

Thankfully, God gave me lots of love to cheer me up.
Love, love, love from these kids who I covered today for my report. Yes, it was the standard greeting they were taught to say all the time but I swear it didn’t sound robotic. They smiled at me and greeted me in their sweetest voice.

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Monday, October 4, 2010


I first thought of writing something about wine since Friday's gimmick was dubbed "Wine Night" after all...but rather than risk the wrath of real wine connoisseurs, I've decided to just write about something a camwhore like me may know a lot about...PICTURES.

Wine night and photo booth with my sister
Do you remember when NEOPRINTS were still a fad? For those who have forgotten or are really clueless, neoprints are strips of sticker pictures containing a series of shots taken consecutively in 5 seconds or less. During my high school and college days, my friends and I would go to amusement centers in malls just for these neoprint booths. We'd be like sardines inside these small booths but we didn't mind. Our only concern then was to ensure that we strike the best series of poses under the not-so-good-posing conditions in a matter of seconds. The more exciting part was seeing the results in actual printouts right after. MAC has a similar feature in Photo booth. But without a hard copy of the adventure, the experience is not quite the same.
with Miah Recto

Joon Dizon makes fun of my pimple 
Almost gone, if not GONE, are the days when we see our pictures in actual printouts. Remember those old heavy albums that your mom and dad display under the coffee table in your living room? Those albums may still be there but would most likely still contain your nude baby pictures or your photos in kindergarten dancing in some weird costume. While I have no doubt all of us have tons of updated digital pictures, I'm also as certain that they're lost somewhere in our sea of digital albums.
Maan, Joyce and I with the ladies' man
Maan, Joyce and I (again) with Jones a.k.a "It's time to part-eeeh"
During the start of the year, I joined calls for people to print their pictures. Groups advocating the cause appeal to the young lot not to be a generation of lost memories. While I understand environmental concerns, some experts claim browsing pictures online is also an environmental hazard. More electricity consumed = more coal burned in power plants = more carbon dioxide emitted to the atmosphere. I'm sure you know the equation.

Circus girls posing while listening to the tune of Iyaz's "So big"

The girls and Joon attempt to disappear...Guess who's the slowest in the bunch?
And besides...wouldn't you want to see these beautiful faces in actual printouts? Pin It Now!

Friday, October 1, 2010


I couldn't underscore more the importance of "me" time especially for girls. And since tomorrow's a weekend, the likely "me" time of some fortunate lot, I'd like to share my latest "me" time adventure at Azta Salon. Hope it could give you guys an idea of what to do on your very special bonding time with yourself. :)

I went to the Eastwood branch of Azta Salon last Tuesday to model for some of the salon's newest hair stylists. They needed guinea pigs like me so they could be trained to apply Loreal's newest color hair technology, INOA. It was free so "Go, I'll gladly be your guinea pig". :)

Three more hours to go

INOA stands for Innovation No Ammonia. It's what Loreal claims as a revolutionary color product that is ammonia free. Say goodbye to burning and itchy scalp, they say.  On top of this, INOA allegedly lifts color up to three shades and covers gray hair unlike ammonia-laden hair color products. I've only had my hair colored once before Tuesday's adventure so I really can't claim to be an expert on the topic. So from an ordinary girl's perspective, here goes.

Last time I had my hair done, the stylist put foily thingies around my hair to protect my scalp from the burning effect of the hair color product. It was still itchy though as far I remember. With the INOA product, no need for the foilies. :) The product was applied directly to my hair. There was a little tingling effect on the scalp but it was tolerable. The product was longer to apply though because it was gel-based. But if it's more scalp-friendly, then I really don't mind an extra hour or two.

with my hairstylist, Freddie babeh (seriously, she goes by this name)

I'm not really that adventurous so I asked for a dark brown shade (5-3-5 to be exact). If you're still unconvinced, just see for yourself. Happy "ME" time everybody.


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