Thursday, September 30, 2010


It’s almost Friday again and I’d really feel guilty if that day comes without me writing about my awesome food trip experience…last Friday. :)

Against the backdrop of Banchetto

Dale wants Phoebe and Emman's Baby Potatoes

Have you heard of Banchetto? If yes, then it only proves I’m a loser. If no, then…whew!

Find out more about Banchetto here

If you have no plans for tomorrow yet…drop by Ortigas, Pasig City. There is a food bazaar in the area that opens every midnight of Friday and closes 11 the next morning. I am directionally challenged so I couldn’t really tell you exactly where. But just ask around. I’m sure everyone there knows where it is. BANCHETTO is THAT POPULAR.

If you come early, you may be lucky enough to catch how the food bazaaristas set up. It’s like a local amazing race. The event opens exactly 12 midnight, the same time the bazaaristas are allowed to set up. Just imagine…when the clock strikes 12…vendors carrying stuff that look too heavy to be carried run as fast as they can to their stalls. First to set up, of course, most likely gets most of the first batch of customers. Now that’s motivation.

Before the amazing race 

Customers line up

I have not seen anything like Banchetto in my life…as in…nothing like it in my 27 years of existence. There’s stall after stall of food…

Sushi and Maki...

Hotdogs and Burgers….

Pasta and Pizza…


Kebabs and Shawarma…

Cakes and Cookies….
All the Pinoy favorites you could imagine….

Name it. It’s probably there. PROBABLY because I wasn’t really able to scout the whole area. It’s THAT BIG.  It doesn’t help that people from all walks of life seem to be present as well. This made the whole ‘going around’ adventure much more daunting.

Dale lost in the sea of crowd

But no complaints. The exercise just made the whole eating experience oh-so-nyom-nyom-nyom even if we did it while sitting down on the sidewalk.

Good luck finding a space here

Sidewalk turned dining area

Of course, it helped that I was with some great people. Even if the activity seems physically demanding, I still believe that nothing beats an adventure shared with individuals close to your heart.

Dale, Phoebe, Roma, Steph, Cyrian

with the NO 1 daddy
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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I’ve been stumbling upon friends out of the blue lately. Coincidentally, Blue is the name of the most recent friend that I’ve exchanged an Oh-my-gosh-you’re-here moment with.

Blue at Rockwell Toy Kingdom buying toys for his pamangkins
We separately went to Rockwell for a friend’s painting exhibit but ended up visiting the painting displays together. Blue saw me loitering at the food court area and the rest is history. At the exhibit, we exchanged another oh-my-gosh-you’re-also-here moment with our artist friend, Nino Hernandez who was present in spirit (or should I say, in painting?) :)

Blue poses beside Nino's portrait by Martin Honasan
"Congratulations, Nino!"

After, we ate at World Bangers then goofed around with some possible Halloween Costumes for November 1 at Toy Kingdom.

Blue says nyom-nyom-nyom to his Philly Cheesier Steak


A day before this…I met Marielle who I call Yelliebabeh at Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP). I never thought I’d see this girl in a place outside a Frisbee field or a bar. But I did and I was happy.

Yelle in her office outfit wearing heels
(...uh-hem that explains the height difference *wink*)
We walked around trying to look for Tim Santos, another Frisbee pal who works for BSP. We didn’t find him though but still got something out of the adventure – a stronger heart. :)

A quirky sign at BSP

My work enables me to meet a lot of personalities most people only get to see on TV.

with an OFW and Former President Gloria Arroyo in 2009

with Senator Manuel Villar in Jordan
But what I cherish the most are colleagues, friends, and ordinary people who I meet along the way. Compared to big shot politicians, these people are the ones I could relate to more…the ones who one way or another, have enriched my life.

with former RPN9, now TV5 Reporter Marlene Alcaide

with Sherrie Ann Torres of GMA7

So don’t be afraid to enlarge your world.
That’s the only way you get to meet new people who might be individuals important to you in the future.
Yesterday was supposed to be my alone time.
But because once upon a time I stepped out of my comfort zone and took a shot at throwing a disc…the reality turned out much better.

One fine afternoon with Blue

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Monday, September 27, 2010


As I was trying to figure out what to write in my ABOUT ME portion for this blog, one version I wrote is that I am, "a  reporter whose vision board is totally unrelated to her profession". 

RPN Newswatch Updates M-F, 7-8-9-10pm

I really don't see myself growing old in the news industry. At the rate privatization efforts are going, I doubt there's a career path for me at RPN9. I also don't see myself transferring to any major network where there's sure to be growth for reporters like me. With these networks expected to take up almost all of my time if not my life, they'll most likely eat up my time for business, frisbee training and social life with friends and family. Right now, these are things I am not willing to give up. 

Summer League 2010
Birthday Salubong at Cafe Sarte, 7/31/10
with my loka-loka family

So instead of seeing myself as the next Korina Sanchez or Mel Tiangco, I envision myself as a successful entrepreneur, going around the world and maybe like Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump...advocating the importance of taking a leap of faith and believing that everyone has the capability to be their own boss.

A billionaire and a best-selling author unite to write a book on entrepreneurship
I see myself as someone who dictates her own schedule...someone who just has enough time to excel in her sport of choice, dance 'til she drops and shop to her heart's content.

Reema Chanco and now showbiz boyfriend, satisfied ISKRAMBOL customers

This apparent discrepancy between who I am today and who I want to be in the future is why I am venturing into blogging. Yes, I don't see myself in the news industry forever but I don't want to lose my voice in the event I do decide to change career. Being a reporter for a struggling station may not have given me enough exposure but I do believe that I was still able to reach a number of people. For that, I am grateful.
RPN Newswatch, M-F, 530pm-630pm

So here it is, my first official blog entry for ROMA is LOVE. 
Roma or "Rome" is known as the heavenly city. 
If spelled backwards, it actually means LOVE.
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