Thursday, December 16, 2010


Yes, not again!

I know, I're already sick and tired of me ranting about my life's soon-to-be-big decision so I thought of doing something different today... POPJUNKLOVE PRODUCT POSTS!


Don't get mad.
That's really what I've been doing lately ---
Taking pictures of my love's newest upcycled creations! :)

Here are some of my babies.

dice bracelets

soda tin lid bracelets

zipper bracelets

button bracelets

Remember my post about Popjunklove's bottle cap ring collection?
I was thinking of doing a post for each of our new products as well but they're just SOOO MAAAANY.
I don't like to bore you guys so here's just a sneak peek. :)
For those who are really interested, more item posts are available on POPJUNKLOVE's Fan Page so please...just check out our products there.

As far as my office-life is concerned...
I'm still the usual way of cherishing every moment...just in case...

One fine day with Dale :)
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  1. Oh my gosh, I accepted your pronoun challenge on the day you're doing an infomercial!!!

  2. cute nga ng products mo eh. don't worry I'll feature your shop in my site one time :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  3. melai :) thanks so much!!! :D're really funny. i'll check that pronoun post soon! :D

  4. :o) It wouldn't be a bore, do the posts!

  5. Oh look at you, making me feel bad that I am a lazy crafter. Haha!

  6. You Meream?! A lazy crafter. I highly doubt that :) You even have tutorials for us, lazier people :D


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