Friday, December 3, 2010


One day at a time...

I think I'm more upbeat today simply because tomorrow's Saturday = NO WORK in the OFFICE = MORE TIME for my BUSINESSES.

Like I said, I have come to a "Fork in the Road".
Since I have yet to choose between two loves...I've decided to at least fulfill one dream TODAY-- > Do an outfit post just like my oh-so-many fashionable friends.

top: blazer from Vietnam,
 Get Laud's Tanka
pants: Jag, tattered by my Dad on my 26th bday
shoes: Janilyn
Of course, a frustrated fashion blogger like me would not have had the courage to take the plunge without my uber loves, Emman Paz and Dale de Vera.  I just love being with camwhores like me. They don't pass judgement even if I suddenly strike a pose for whatever reason.

I love to post their pictures as well...but since they're not mine, I had to super restrain myself.


These shots are probably the safest. :)

My supposed solo

Sorry Emmy...I didn't have any picture with you so I was
forced to post one of your solos :)

Our soon-to-be-totally demolished office buildings were perfect locations for my first outfit post attempt...

...if only I could decide which career would make me happier just as easily...

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  1. you look adorable!! i cant decide on my career and where my next step should be but its okay :) we'll be fine !!

    stop by sometime<3

  2. I used to play football in pants like that when I was a little boy. I was stylish and didn;t know it. Of course, they didn't look as good on me! You look great. =)

  3. Anna, that's the spirit! :)

    Ric, I'm sure any kid would look adorable in pants like that even you :)

  4. Very fabulous-RPN-reporter-chic! (Whuut?) haha. I'm glad to know that after I left someone carried on the legacy of torn jeans! :D

  5. Oh you can do heels. I am jeliz!

  6. bestie, you were still there when I first attempted to wear my diy torn jeans...but unfortunately, I was assigned in Malacanang so I could only get away with the crime only once. :D haha. I remember the whole malacanang press looking at me...hahaha..."you sure you're going to cover the President with jeans like that?" hahaha

    meream, wearing high heels takes getting used to for some people. I've been wearing shoes like that since high school so 4 inch -- no biggie!! :)

  7. Gorgeous! Ah you are a blogging natural! :P

  8. thanks lei!!!! :) welcome back! i missed you here! :D


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