Thursday, December 2, 2010


...and I think I have come to one.


I just can't seem to get the idea of quitting my job and focusing on my businesses out of my head. You the takes me at least two cups of coffee just to give myself an artificial boost.

Thank goodness for my ever funny officemate, Emman Paz.
He's an added caffeine to my otherwise zzzz-day.
Don't get me wrong.
I still give my 100%.
It's just takes me almost half a day longer to be on the right mindset for work.

Another thank goodness! Getting assigned to cover stories that matter.
with William and John Ray of the Jesus Loves the Little Children Orphanage.
They want a toy and a bike for Christmas.
The First Day of Christmas Project will help make their wishes come true.

Now I really need to pray for wisdom because deep down, I know I love my work.
To have a voice is a privilege and though I only work for a small media network, I have never once downplayed my indirect role in nation building.

I know it would come to an end someday because like I said in my earlier entries, I am all for being a full time businesswoman.
I just didn't know it may come to an end this soon.


That's the only thing I could think of to end this entry.

*Smile for me.*

I don't like you guys feeling sad.
It's almost Christmas!!! Pin It Now!


  1. great post!! you have a very lovely blog :)


  2. I never would have expected to read this from you Roma, because I know how much you love your job. I've seen it first hand. And it's not just your passion and dedication that amazes me, it's also that you are so good at it. <3

    But I am a firm believer in dreams (and following those dreams) so if your heart is telling you something...I find that it's better to listen to it. Prayer helps, too. (;

  3. aww :) you're so sweet bestieeeee! :,) i want to cry. :,) thank you for the kind words. BIG HELP! REALLY! :D Love you best. Thanks again.

  4. This is a tough one. It's so important to have good people in the media, giving a voice to people like William and John Ray. But you have follow your heart. Maybe you can like Oprah--I think she started as a reporter. Someday you'll be so successful you can have other people operate the businesses with you overseeing them from your media/business communications center.

  5. That's the plan Ric :) Be so successful I could do anything...but first...successful where? *sigh* don't worry. I would come to terms with this dilemma eventually. I think I just wanted to rant a little. Ranting helps :)


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