Sunday, December 5, 2010


...or look at the glass half full...
This is the mantra I've been keeping in mind lately because I realized...
Life is just too short to dwell on problems I have yet to resolve.

Like for instance...
I wasn't the lucky bettor who won the highest lotto jackpot in the country's history -- P741M to be exact...

Happy to show off my P150 lotto prize
I got three numbers right!
What are the odds?
Of the 55 numbers to choose from, I got three of the 6 lucky numbers. :)
To celebrate, I treated my Iskrambol business partner Steph to unlimited pasta.

Basil for Steph

Puttanesca for me

After finishing three each, we almost threw up!
But we were still happy and definitely FULL!

Another example ---
Being stuck in traffic for hours everyday as people rush to complete their Christmas lists...

Already two hours late for my friend's gig
 One traffic day...I decided to read an e-book every time cars come to a full stop (which was always!)

Yipee!!! Just when I thought I had no time to read
PLUS...I still arrive at my destinations eventually...which means I still get to spend time with friends at the end of the day. :D IT'S ALL GOOOOD!!!

Happy birthday Jess!!!
Photo by Saturdare @ Attica and Lounge

 See...there are a lot of good things out there.
One just got to take a closer look.
Now...all I need to do is walk the talk. :) Pin It Now!


  1. Congrats on the win--that was a great way to spend it. I'm glad neither of you threw up. My brother and I used to over do it at all-you-cn-eat restaurant. I think we were competing to see who could eat the most...and then we'd feel sick. That's the last thing I want when I go out to dinner.

    I would bet money that you will walk the talk! =)

  2. Actually, we really did feel sick on our way back home but we just tried to laugh it off :) ...and thanks ric for the vote of confidence. I really needed that because I have a feeling I am going to make a big decision SOON! Waah. I'm scared...whew...wish me luck.


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