Thursday, December 23, 2010


All my life...I've always been the girl who could be good in almost everything...
Good but not GREAT!
I am sporty. I could carry a tune and a beat. I am creative. I do well in class.
Always among the top but never on top.

 Varsity, Lawn Tennis, University of the Philippines, Diliman (2000-2005)
...and yes, I'm the girl in the pink tutu dress

Frisbee Player, Circuswengwengbengbengbeng
Philippine Ultimate Association (2009-2010)

Videoke Adventure with Anna and Lauren


My blog is a clear example.
I do political stories since I am a reporter.
I do business/craft-related entries since I am a struggling entrepreneur.
I even do outfit posts sometimes since I'M IN LOVE...IN LOVE...IN LOVE WITH FASHION.

with other RPN9 Reporters, Steph, Viv & Phoebe

ISKRAMBOL errands in Divisoria
Dress: Get Laud
Shoes: Janilyn
Bag, Accessories: My mom's treasure chest 

Yeah. I know.
I've heard and read it all before.

An individual "must focus on one objective or tactic.  
He must only want to do one thing. 
Everything else is a strategy on how to get that one tactic done...
Companies that used the single tactic-multiple strategy type of planning were companies that won in business."
-Robert Kiyosaki, "Before You Quit Your Job"

I agree 210%!!!
I just can't seem to get on just one single track.
I am very competitive.
I love challenges.
This probably explains why I have a tendency to do EVERYTHING!

"The great Sufi poet and philosopher Rumi once advised his students
to write down the three things they most wanted in life. 
If any item on the list clashes with any other item...
Rumi warned, you are destined for unhappiness.
Better to live a life of single-pointed focus."

-Elizabeth Gilbert, "Eat Pray Love"

Giftwrapped my head just to annoy Dale...I LOVE IT! :)

I am not unhappy because I believe happiness is a choice.
For Christmas, I want guidance from above.
For New year, I want to know what I really want. 

You guys know what you want already this Christmas and in life?
If yes, I am so happy for you.
All of us deserve to be happy. :)
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  1. I hate to disagree with such smart people, but happiness can be found in being a well-rounded person with multiple interests. You'll have more friends because you are more than just a one-trick pony who only focuses on a single thing. I've read that Dorthy Hamill, Olympic gold medal winning skater, was completely miserable the first 30 years of her life. She achieved the success she dreamed of and it left her feeling empty.

    So, follow your heart. Only you can say what is best for you--not those people who make money by selling us books on what we need to do to be successful or happy.

    And by the way, you are off to an amazing start in life. Your businesses are growing, you're a reporter, you have friends and your family is there for you. Sounds wonderful!!! =)

  2. Awww...thanks ric :) youalways have a way of making someone feel she's on the right track :) merry christmas!!!

  3. We're kind of the same. I've always seen myself as a jill of all trades, master of none. It'd be nice to be awesome in at least one thing.

  4. if you still have no girl-soulmate, i think i'm your...girl-soulmate :) *lol* been called the same thing ALL MY LIFE...unfortunately then...they weren't that creative so the name JACK was still used :)JACK OF ALL TRADES! I'm sure we'll be great dancers effortlessly tishie...if only we'd allow ourselves to be! :)

  5. Ric is right. (Hello, Ric!)
    I say avoid the anxiety of choosing what you should be and just do anything that makes you happy and feel alive. : )

    PS - Merry Christmas, love! :)

  6. I just love you guys :) You're so supportive!!! :) Thanks Meream. Happy holidays!!!


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