Monday, November 1, 2010


I have around 10 upcoming bazaars before year 2010 ends.

This only means less sleeping hours, worsening back pains and increasingly irritating sore, calloused hands.

I usually try to be an energy of positivism everyday. But with too many Popjunklove and Iskrambol ni Juan at Maria errands on my hand, sometimes I can't help but be this irritating grumpy queen who expects everyone to understand her.

Good thing when my emotional quotient dropped several notches over the weekend, I was with people who really did understand.

This entry is my THANK YOU note to them.

Movie marathon with Map and Joyce was just what I needed to cap off my harrowing Saturday.

Who says we need to go to a halloween party to have fun?
My sister and I tried on some wigs while on a business errand.

Horror movie marathon while my sisters and I make more of our beloved Have Nots
Just before my EQ drops several more notches, God surrounded me with close friends and loved ones to remind me how lucky I am.
THANK YOU LORD. :) Pin It Now!


  1. 10 bazaars!? I have yet to join one in my crafty "career." Haha

    Good lucky, ladies!

  2. yep :) christmas season's really THAT busy. :) You should join us sometime! You really have good products and it's a shame not to expose them to the non-blogging community :) Let's go ;)

  3. woohoo! good luck ate! :D


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