Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Versatile Blogger Award: 7 Tidbits about Roma is Love

First of all...
Maraming Salamat (Thank you)...
Gracie (Thank you)...
Arigato Gozaimas (Thank you)...
Danke Shon (Thank you)... Ric also known as RicAdemus for giving me THIS...

Ric told me to share stuff about myself if handed this recognition. Since I'm just new to all these blogging-related activities,  I'll just be a good soldier. :)

Here are 7 Random Tidbits about myself as requested:

1. I just found out today that "Tidbit"could mean -- 

 So just to make it clear, tidbits I'm sharing here are not gossip. :D

2. I have two major WHAT IFs in my life. First, what if I pursued dancing in college rather than tennis? What would my life be like right now?

Trying out Anna's vintage tennis rackets

Second, what if I pursued only one foreign language in my four years in college rather than take a different one every year? Would this have increased my chances of traveling around the world?


3. I believe in "The Secret". Good attracts if you're grumpy, you'll find me irritatingly happy.

4. I love feeling tired. For me, body pains tell me if I've been productive for the day.

A movie marathon wouldn't be complete if I'm not doing any do-it-yourself-related activity

5. Don't be surprised if you find a girl in heels and in a gown-like ensemble, on the floor of a bookstore, reading. That's probably me! I could live in bookstores!

My current companion when I'm bored
6. A fire razed our house several years back. I froze and cried. I was utterly useless compared to my younger sister who ran outside and cried for help. I wonder if I'm good with pressure now considering I'm a reporter who has to beat deadlines everyday.
One update day

7. RO-MA came from "Roy", my father and "Marietta", my mother. When I was a child, I used to make up stories about my name. I used to tell my friends that it came from "Amor" (Love) just to make it more romantic. Well, it might not be true then but it is now -- Roma is LOVE, yes, that's me. :D

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  1. Wow, you look great as a reporter. So how do you manage to live in a library and still keep the job? :P Kidding. You're awesome ^_^

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  3. Oh I wish I do live in bookstores. Unfortunately, I don't. :( Hence, I could still keep my job :D

  4. Excellent tidbits! I don't have your gift for languages--I thought you were thanking other people until I got to the line in German. ;P I studied French several years and did very badly.

    I'm also a bad dancer, but a good tennis player. I annoyed my coach by using a western grip--she tried to get me to change, but I was stubborn.

    I've seen lots of folks on the floor in book stores, but never one in a gown. That would be a wonderful sight. And tired is good--it makes me feel like I really accomplished something that day.

    Roma = Amor. Rick = Kcir. Hmmm, nevermind, it doesn't work with my name! But there is a story behind my name. My mother thought my father's name was Richard, but it wasn't. So my oldest brother was named after my father and I was named after the man she thought he was. I should write a post about that.

    Thanks for sharing! =)

  5. In tennis, I use eastern grip :) It gives the ball more spin. :) post that story about your name :) that would be an interesting read :D thanks again ric.


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