Saturday, November 6, 2010


Yes, POPJUNKLOVE is once again one of the concessionaires in this year's GLOBAL PINOY bazaar. Everything sold here is made in the Philippines. This is what makes GLOBAL PINOY different from other Christmas bazaars in the country.

Annually, we come up with new products for Global Pinoy. Here are some of our new creations. :)

Maan imitates Pee and Wee (I'm not sure though who is Pee and who is Wee :D)
Check out our other plushies.

Number Transformers

Necklaces with Lomo and Alphabet pendants

Funkified tin can lids and buttons as bracelet charms

Keychains from our scrap fabric

Wooden blocks

Lego belts
We noticed something though--
While foot traffic was heavy, people are still not buying their Christmas goodies.
That's sad because there were really good finds in Global Pinoy, products many may not be able to come across again 'til next year.

So our advice..

Don't miss another once-in-a-year event. 
There are a couple of bazaars coming soon so go check them out before the rest of the country goes on its Christmas-shopping-spree mode. 
If not, you might just miss your opportunity for a hassle-free Christmas shopping experience and your chance to find THE PERFECT, UNIQUE gift for your loved ones.

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  1. I'm surprised people didn't buy more--the next two months will pass sooooo quickly, better to shop now than wait until the last minute. Shop in the name of love is great advice!

    The name of your blog caught my eye because every week for the past year I have heard my friend whine that he "loved Roma, why did it have to close!!!" It was his favorite restaurant. It closed last year and he is STILL talking about it. LOL

  2. Yay my sister and I dropped by your booth yesterday pero wala kayo. Saw Maan lang nung pauwi na kami. :P

  3. RicAdeMus, where is that "ROMA" restaurant? Haven't heard of it 'til now? it in Rome, the heavenly city? :D

    lei!! ;) at least nagkita kyo.. were you able to find anything for this christmas? :)

  4. That would be wonderful--if it was in Rome. It was in Washington, DC. They made great sandwiches--using pizza crusts instead of bread. At least my friend did get one of their signs when they closed, so he can always remember. =)

  5. RicAdeMus, I'm sure it was still wonderful even if it was in DC considering you're friend's still obsessing about the resto up to now :) I just love Italian food!


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