Friday, November 19, 2010


My sister and I have noticed a surge in craftsters offering bottle cap rings and necklaces to the young and young at hearts in recent bazaars. Way back, we purchased one from Junk Studio, one of the pioneers of the bottle cap mania in the Philippines.

This is the exact design we purchased.
(Picture grabbed from Junk Studio)
Since then, a number of craftsters has found a way to give bottle caps their own personal twists.

From vintage-style necklaces...

To happy, more colorful ones...

...indeed, bottle caps have come a long way from their initial purpose of just helping preserve our favorite drinks.

I'm sure there are still millions of bottle caps out there, rotting away in our waste bins so we've decided to join others in their upcycling efforts.

Let's collect those disposed bottle caps! :D Recycle!

After much thought, my sister and I went for the caps' original designs. Vintage and already colorful without much effort, these bottle caps have officially joined the roster of our other upcycled creations! :D

Click here to order or inquire. :D
Check out our bottle cap babies for yourselves on November 26-28. POPJUNKLOVE will be in Alabang and Rockwell on the said dates. See you there! :D
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  1. A very cool idea! I'm the proud owner of one (yes, just one) old bottle cap. It has a picture of an old baseball player in it. I found it in an old desk my parents wanted to get rid of...I couldn't bring myself to throw it out. It meant enough to someone in my family for them to keep it, so now I'm keeping it in my junk drawer.

  2. A junk drawer!! Cool :D Find a way to turn those junk into treasure, Ric! :D

    Meream, thanks :) we have a lot of new products but we have yet to take their pictures. Hope I could get to that soon's christmas already! :)


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