Monday, November 22, 2010


Remember my entry on being a craft addict...well, I discovered another addiction today.
"Hi, I'm Roma Agsalud and I'm an ISKRAMBOL addict."

ISKRAMBOL (n) A Filipino dessert, flavored shaved ice usually
topped with milk and chocolate syrup

Sorry, I promise...this is not another plug.
I just wanted to share how I discovered this new found problem of mine. Here goes --

I was walking in a market in Quiapo when I found THIS!!!!

TANAAAAAH!!!! Measuring cups!!!
I bought not just one...but TWO...Yes, you read it right. TWO CHEAP BUT WONDERFUL, AMAZING SETS OF MEASURING CUPS!

I'm so excited. Can't wait to make more iskrambol and measure, measure, measure them to my heart's delight.


It's so easy to make me happy these days.
Imagine... Happiness from something so ordinary... :D


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  1. It's really not a plug when you post about things people love....and how could anyone not love an iskrambol??? A simple pleasure...and those are the best pleasures.

  2. I was not even raving about the iskrambol yet :D just the measuring cups. imagine if I started blabbing about the actual iskrambol :D I won't do that though :) promise!

  3. Hey, don't make me just imagine it, I want to hear you rave about iskrambol. Well, that would be amazing but I'll settle for reading you raving aobut it! =)

  4. let me think about it ric. If i find the courage to do another uber-shameless plug, i'll blab about one of my babies again :D

  5. that's awesome you found cheap wonderful measuring cups! i need to get some of those. and that picture of the dessert looks SO good!


  6. that looks delicious!xx

  7. yes :D it is delicious :D thanks for dropping by alina :) saw your site...good job. keep it up.

  8. Made me Hungry! The Iskrambol Fever is getting heat here too much, isn't it?

  9. I agree lifestylescientist...that's why it's hard for me and my partner to compete. there's a prevailing perception kasi of how much a cup of iskrambol should cost...but ours is a gourmet our ingredients are quite pricey compared to others...oh's a continuing learning process so I have no regrets :)


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