Thursday, November 4, 2010


This is a line from Alanis Morissette's famous song, "Hands in my pocket".
I listen this song every time someone close to me is in his depressed state, mumbling nonsense negative stuff about money and life.

"Why do you have to mention that you're financially constrained? Couldn't you separate your business and your family financial situation? Don't you think you've humiliated yourself and your family over national television?"

ABS-CBN's make-up artist gives me a retouch before I go on a live interview for ANC Shoptalk...
My day was going smoothly then...

First of all, I could not mention Popjunklove without mentioning how cash-strapped my sister and I were back then. Our NEED was what pushed us to go into business. Our financial situation is what gives our business character. It espouses efficiency and upcycling because we don't have the capital to buy shiny, new things. I thank GOD we were broke then...because if we weren't, Popjunklove would not have existed.

out-of-shaped bottle caps get new purpose

Second, I am proud to be POOR. Honestly. Our situation financially helped build my character. I had to work doubly hard compared to others. I'm forced to learn faster and be street smarter. I am happy for those who were born rich but I am happier that I was born poor.

My answer is NO.

I'm glad many of you agree. ;)

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