Monday, November 29, 2010

I'M BACK!!! :D

...unfortunately not from Clark, Angeles City where this year's international ultimate tournament was held...I had to miss this one because I had three booths in two separate bazaars operating on the same weekend. Boohoo.

...which brings me back to my title...

Yipee!!! :D

I already told you pretty much where I was over the weekend so here are just a few snapshots of moments that made my break from the blogging world a little more bearable.

 Learning more business tips with three other future billionaires...

Enjoying a short break with my Iskrambol business partner, Stephanie Ongkiko

Posing with Iskrambol's newest fan

I asked my other sisters to supervise our Popjunklove booth so I was unable to take pictures of my activities involving my other love.

But just to prove I have not prioritized one over the's a picture of my desk days before our bazaars.


That's my officemate's desk :D Here's mine. NO LAUGHING. :p

I have seen a lot of "What does your office desk say about you" entries and I honestly have given up on efforts aimed at finding out which group I belong to. 

No matter. 
I'm here, I'm back and I'M HAPPY. :D

That's what matters most, right? :)

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  1. Happy is what matters most! No one's desk should be as clean as your office-mate's.

    I'm hoping someday I'll be iskrambol's newest fan, but I'll never be that handsome. :( LOL, he's a cutie!!!

  2. you should have heard that cutie talk, ric :) girl magnet indeed :D

  3. Haha. Chester's desk is squeaky clean! How is that even possible? Hm. Nakakamiss ang newsroom! (:

  4. As in super squeaky clean. imagine sitting beside someone with a desk like that. it just highlights more how messy I am. hmph. I'll throw some crumpled paper in his direction soon. :D


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