Monday, November 15, 2010


I don't like putting my hair up.
I swear...I look like a guy and I ABSOLUTELY hate it.
But look, I had it up for days...

My tube top fails to compensate for my lack of hair...
I still look like a guy...

My partner, Stephanie Ongkiko, hates putting up her hair as well

*sigh*...the things I endure for my businesses.

Mom's advice: Always put hair net on if you're handling food
Roma: (Putting up my hair...THAT I could live with but HAIRNET!!?? Sorry. That one I can't handle)
Iskrambol ni Juan at Maria will be in Rockwell again next week, Nov26-28 12nn-12am

My sacrifices were worth it though because we were immediately rewarded for our efforts.
Last Saturday, we sold out our Iskrambol*.
The bazaar's up to 12 midnight. We closed shop at around 9pm.

Cappuccino, Chocolate, Strawberry

What's left of our Iskrambol mixes

Empty containers so early in the evening

To all those who supported and love POPJUNKLOVE and Iskrambol ni Juan at Maria...
You are the reason why we still do what we do despite the many hardships like putting our hair up.

*Iskrambol: A Filipino dessert originally considered a street food,
                      flavored shaved ice topped with milk and chocolate syrup Pin It Now!


  1. I need to try an Iskrambol some day--it looks delicious. I'm sorry, I didn't see you in the pictures. That really pretty girl in the tube top must have distracted me. =)

  2. RicAdemus...if we're rich enough I'll bring our Iskrambol to the United States!!!! :D

  3. Sorry I couldn't be there. Left last Sat, and the days before that were frenzied, to say the least.

  4. Don't worry about it Tishie :D I know you've been preparing for that NY trip for months now :D so just enjoy and don't forget to post your outfit! :D

  5. I've passed a blog award to you--Miss Versatile!

  6. RicAdemus, where's my sash!? :)

  7. Haha, if only I knew how to sew! That's a very sophisticated look in the new profile picture. =)

  8. haha..trying to compensate for days when I had my hair up. :D

  9. You DO NOT look like a guy. You're so silly! :p


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