Monday, October 4, 2010


I first thought of writing something about wine since Friday's gimmick was dubbed "Wine Night" after all...but rather than risk the wrath of real wine connoisseurs, I've decided to just write about something a camwhore like me may know a lot about...PICTURES.

Wine night and photo booth with my sister
Do you remember when NEOPRINTS were still a fad? For those who have forgotten or are really clueless, neoprints are strips of sticker pictures containing a series of shots taken consecutively in 5 seconds or less. During my high school and college days, my friends and I would go to amusement centers in malls just for these neoprint booths. We'd be like sardines inside these small booths but we didn't mind. Our only concern then was to ensure that we strike the best series of poses under the not-so-good-posing conditions in a matter of seconds. The more exciting part was seeing the results in actual printouts right after. MAC has a similar feature in Photo booth. But without a hard copy of the adventure, the experience is not quite the same.
with Miah Recto

Joon Dizon makes fun of my pimple 
Almost gone, if not GONE, are the days when we see our pictures in actual printouts. Remember those old heavy albums that your mom and dad display under the coffee table in your living room? Those albums may still be there but would most likely still contain your nude baby pictures or your photos in kindergarten dancing in some weird costume. While I have no doubt all of us have tons of updated digital pictures, I'm also as certain that they're lost somewhere in our sea of digital albums.
Maan, Joyce and I with the ladies' man
Maan, Joyce and I (again) with Jones a.k.a "It's time to part-eeeh"
During the start of the year, I joined calls for people to print their pictures. Groups advocating the cause appeal to the young lot not to be a generation of lost memories. While I understand environmental concerns, some experts claim browsing pictures online is also an environmental hazard. More electricity consumed = more coal burned in power plants = more carbon dioxide emitted to the atmosphere. I'm sure you know the equation.

Circus girls posing while listening to the tune of Iyaz's "So big"

The girls and Joon attempt to disappear...Guess who's the slowest in the bunch?
And besides...wouldn't you want to see these beautiful faces in actual printouts? Pin It Now!


  1. That MAC feature is fun! :) Your blog's looking good! Keep it up! ;)

  2. Thanks leiiiiiii-yieness :D Still find it too busy though :) i'll try to organize it pa so people won't end up with migraines after :) mwah mwah mwah :)

  3. Sayang I didn't get to go to Wine Night.:( I had to work, so for me it was Whine Night.

  4.'re funny tishie tishie :) don't worry there were only 2-3 bottles of wine for a group of around 15 people :) that explains why we had so much time on other stuff. :) if nino was there (our wine connoisseur)...there would probably be cheese and cold cuts as well. hahahahaha


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