Monday, October 25, 2010


A friend once told me that you should reward yourself for every achievement.
Well, I haven't won an award or anything but I believe every task written off my long to-do-list is  achievement enough for me.

Straight from my long grueling Supertyphoon Juan coverage in Isabela, I spent time with my teammates in Dada's newly opened bar, Taverna, in Tomas Morato. It was less sleeping hours for me but like what my teammates always say, "Life is short".

with my sister and map

maan does her signature tongue-saying-hello pose while map, jacq perfect my duck face 

The next activity may not have been 12 hours away but it may just be as tiring. Divisoria from 11am to 8pm for some Popjunklove errands. My reward...

Accessories for my collection

The following day I packed kilos and kilos of ingredients for Iskrambol ni Juan at Maria like there was no tomorrow.

packing in my royal blue Get Laud ensemble

New Iskrambol flavor, Cookies and cream

To reward myself, I went to the month-old Spa Bali Bliss in Katipunan. Okay, I admit. I still did budgeting errands while having my nails done but hey, it was still better than JUST budgeting. :)

availed of Spa Bali's 200p-mani-pedi-footbath promo

Plus free juice served by uberly courteous 'ates'

It was the first time in months that I did something for myself and I feel the need to pat my back (if that's possible) for inserting that one hour break in my busy schedule. Though it was only short, I ended up in a much happier mood and that's good enough for me.

Going back to work but this time, with a smile and a free pillow 

So why reward yourself?
Because you need to be in a good mood to attract goodness...
You need to feel happy to attract happiness...
And you need to love yourself to attract love.

Goodness, happiness and love from just an hour of break...
Who wouldn't want that? :) Pin It Now!

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