Friday, October 15, 2010


Up to what extent could we invoke our RIGHTS?
"I have the right to do this". "I have the right to do that". 
These are statements that I often hear people say every time they feel like justifying their actions.

I am a Filipino and have lived in this beautiful country since birth. People just doing whatever they want because they claim that they're free are scenarios I see on a daily basis. Don't get me wrong. I love the freedom here. There are days, though, when I can't help but think --- Sometimes, WE'RE JUST TOO FREE

Yes, we have rights and yes, we are free.
But just like the famous “Spiderman” line, these come with responsibilities.

Every time you choose not to use the pedestrian lane or the footbridge, remember that you risk not only your safety but that of other motorists’ as well.
Every time you decide to pee wherever, remember that you risk not only your personal hygiene but that of the community’s residents’ as well.

MMDA Toilets (Where are these located? I haven't seen one...ever)

Every time you express your opinions loosely, you risk not only your chance to change the world for the better but others' chance to live in a better world.

No need for pennies for our thoughts
So next time you feel like invoking your rights, make sure that you'll exercise it in the context of others…because while you’re free, it doesn’t give you the right to step on others who’re just as free.
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