Friday, October 8, 2010


I just received bad news today. My businesses currently have two bookings for November—a food bazaar in Global City for The Gourmet ISKRAMBOL Shop and the much-anticipated St. James Bazaar in Alabang for Popjunklove. These should be good news. More bookings mean business is good, right? Right. But unfortunately, the St. James Bazaar would fall on the Spirits week. Boohoo.

Happy Iskrambol Customers pose for the camera

POPJUNKLOVE client hugs her Preezy

Spirits is an annual international Frisbee tournament organized by the Philippine Ultimate Association. This year, it would be held in Subic from November 26 to 28, the same week of one of the country’s biggest bazaars, St. James.

The Dumaguete-like experiences I would most likely miss

Initially, my sister and I planned to just hire a person to man our booth. But I just learned today that Rockwell may have two bazaars this November. This means one would likely fall on the same week of Spirits as well. Both of my businesses join Rockwell-organized events. So if this scenario occurs, I have three booths at separate venues. I could not be on the other side of the world when this happens. It’s going to be a business nightmare.

Sad, sad, sad.

Thankfully, God gave me lots of love to cheer me up.
Love, love, love from these kids who I covered today for my report. Yes, it was the standard greeting they were taught to say all the time but I swear it didn’t sound robotic. They smiled at me and greeted me in their sweetest voice.

If only I could bring all of them home... Pin It Now!


  1. so sad tishie..i'm still hoping though..sana hindi nga sabay pero hirap namang pag-antayin team forever sa confirmation ko :(


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