Friday, October 1, 2010


I couldn't underscore more the importance of "me" time especially for girls. And since tomorrow's a weekend, the likely "me" time of some fortunate lot, I'd like to share my latest "me" time adventure at Azta Salon. Hope it could give you guys an idea of what to do on your very special bonding time with yourself. :)

I went to the Eastwood branch of Azta Salon last Tuesday to model for some of the salon's newest hair stylists. They needed guinea pigs like me so they could be trained to apply Loreal's newest color hair technology, INOA. It was free so "Go, I'll gladly be your guinea pig". :)

Three more hours to go

INOA stands for Innovation No Ammonia. It's what Loreal claims as a revolutionary color product that is ammonia free. Say goodbye to burning and itchy scalp, they say.  On top of this, INOA allegedly lifts color up to three shades and covers gray hair unlike ammonia-laden hair color products. I've only had my hair colored once before Tuesday's adventure so I really can't claim to be an expert on the topic. So from an ordinary girl's perspective, here goes.

Last time I had my hair done, the stylist put foily thingies around my hair to protect my scalp from the burning effect of the hair color product. It was still itchy though as far I remember. With the INOA product, no need for the foilies. :) The product was applied directly to my hair. There was a little tingling effect on the scalp but it was tolerable. The product was longer to apply though because it was gel-based. But if it's more scalp-friendly, then I really don't mind an extra hour or two.

with my hairstylist, Freddie babeh (seriously, she goes by this name)

I'm not really that adventurous so I asked for a dark brown shade (5-3-5 to be exact). If you're still unconvinced, just see for yourself. Happy "ME" time everybody.


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