Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Food Adventure under P50

I just got my salary today and I felt like splurging in good food. You know what I mean? Just eating what you want without worrying about THE FIGURE on the receipt later. But then I remembered the many instances just last week when I had one hell of a good time in separate food trips with friends. It didn't require too much money, which I think proves my earlier point in my Banchetto food entry -- More than the food, it's the company.

Dale and I pose with his free, "Pinoy Tasty" from a coverage

With only 50 pesos each, my officemates and I went to UP Diliman to eat. The university is known for its street food so 50 pesos could go a long way there. For those who's looking for the infamous food stall which offers orange-colored, marinated isaw, it was transferred at the empty lot in front of the International Center Dormitory. Its accompanying stalls also transferred there. Equipped with this knowledge...Dale, Emman and I were able to eat isaw and fishballs in just one stop, all within our 50-peso budget. *Sigh* Isn't life just perfect? :)

Emman's 3rd stick of fishballs

Got myself a few sticks of isaw baboy, isaw manok & tenga

One stick, one bite
Of course, what's a food trip without the accompanying dessert. For this purpose, we went to Lutong Bahay. The canteen offers the most sought after shakes in the campus. It's located beside the post office near the neglected tennis court and UP Shopping Center. There's nothing really extraordinary about their shakes. Its appeal, though, stems from the generosity of its vendors. Imagine. For 35 pesos, you get one large cup and one medium cup. So Emman here who sort of failed to keep his isaw-fishball adventure below 50 pesos, got two free medium cups from Dale and me.

Dale, Emman and I invade UP Lutong Bahay
My favorite, Choco-banana :)
To top it all off, I got to enjoy free food as well right after our frisbee training at the barracks. 
My team and I ate imported ham and cheese sandwich brought by Frankie and Sher. Some had 5 slices of ham each. Others filled with an inch of cream cheese. I have no other words except, "Nyom, nyom, nyom."

Maan, James and Ryan with their free ham sandwiches

Jones and Don almost done with their freebies
(*sorry for the pictures. just used my cel and it was night time, obviously *smile*)  
I only had 50 pesos in my pocket then. 
But my experience...still priceless. :) 

Who says you need loads of money to have fun?

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