Wednesday, October 20, 2010


If you're reading this entry, then you're probably lucky.
There are a lot out there who currently have no electricity following the onslaught of the country's first ever super typhoon this year.

A day after Typhoon Juan hit Camiling, Tarlac

My team and I were supposed to go to Dagupan to check on the status of the fish pens there. We were, however, greeted by a roadblock in Camiling, Tarlac as some barangays were submerged in flood.

My cameraman, Boy Anunuevo, shooting Tarlac's submerged rice fields

My assistant cameraman makes sure our camera survives the storm

Wet from the rain but still smiling
I soon lost my smile though after I met Mr. Alfredo Bautista, a Barangay councilor and farmer.
He was supposed to harvest his palay next week. Now, he could only watch as floods brought about by Typhoon Juan wash away his months of hard work.

I could just imagine what Mr. Bautista is going through!
I am an entrepreneur and I think I have a pretty good idea of what it would feel like to lose an investment with one single mistake or misfortune.

So while I only had this to get me through the tiring coverage...

Sunflower crackers for breakfast, lunch and almost dinner

I had no complaints.
I am blessed and fortunate.
Thank you, Lord. Pin It Now!

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