Monday, September 27, 2010


As I was trying to figure out what to write in my ABOUT ME portion for this blog, one version I wrote is that I am, "a  reporter whose vision board is totally unrelated to her profession". 

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I really don't see myself growing old in the news industry. At the rate privatization efforts are going, I doubt there's a career path for me at RPN9. I also don't see myself transferring to any major network where there's sure to be growth for reporters like me. With these networks expected to take up almost all of my time if not my life, they'll most likely eat up my time for business, frisbee training and social life with friends and family. Right now, these are things I am not willing to give up. 

Summer League 2010
Birthday Salubong at Cafe Sarte, 7/31/10
with my loka-loka family

So instead of seeing myself as the next Korina Sanchez or Mel Tiangco, I envision myself as a successful entrepreneur, going around the world and maybe like Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump...advocating the importance of taking a leap of faith and believing that everyone has the capability to be their own boss.

A billionaire and a best-selling author unite to write a book on entrepreneurship
I see myself as someone who dictates her own schedule...someone who just has enough time to excel in her sport of choice, dance 'til she drops and shop to her heart's content.

Reema Chanco and now showbiz boyfriend, satisfied ISKRAMBOL customers

This apparent discrepancy between who I am today and who I want to be in the future is why I am venturing into blogging. Yes, I don't see myself in the news industry forever but I don't want to lose my voice in the event I do decide to change career. Being a reporter for a struggling station may not have given me enough exposure but I do believe that I was still able to reach a number of people. For that, I am grateful.
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So here it is, my first official blog entry for ROMA is LOVE. 
Roma or "Rome" is known as the heavenly city. 
If spelled backwards, it actually means LOVE.
HEAVEN and LOVE, well, aren't these romantic? :D Pin It Now!


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