Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I’ve been stumbling upon friends out of the blue lately. Coincidentally, Blue is the name of the most recent friend that I’ve exchanged an Oh-my-gosh-you’re-here moment with.

Blue at Rockwell Toy Kingdom buying toys for his pamangkins
We separately went to Rockwell for a friend’s painting exhibit but ended up visiting the painting displays together. Blue saw me loitering at the food court area and the rest is history. At the exhibit, we exchanged another oh-my-gosh-you’re-also-here moment with our artist friend, Nino Hernandez who was present in spirit (or should I say, in painting?) :)

Blue poses beside Nino's portrait by Martin Honasan
"Congratulations, Nino!"

After, we ate at World Bangers then goofed around with some possible Halloween Costumes for November 1 at Toy Kingdom.

Blue says nyom-nyom-nyom to his Philly Cheesier Steak


A day before this…I met Marielle who I call Yelliebabeh at Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP). I never thought I’d see this girl in a place outside a Frisbee field or a bar. But I did and I was happy.

Yelle in her office outfit wearing heels
(...uh-hem that explains the height difference *wink*)
We walked around trying to look for Tim Santos, another Frisbee pal who works for BSP. We didn’t find him though but still got something out of the adventure – a stronger heart. :)

A quirky sign at BSP

My work enables me to meet a lot of personalities most people only get to see on TV.

with an OFW and Former President Gloria Arroyo in 2009

with Senator Manuel Villar in Jordan
But what I cherish the most are colleagues, friends, and ordinary people who I meet along the way. Compared to big shot politicians, these people are the ones I could relate to more…the ones who one way or another, have enriched my life.

with former RPN9, now TV5 Reporter Marlene Alcaide

with Sherrie Ann Torres of GMA7

So don’t be afraid to enlarge your world.
That’s the only way you get to meet new people who might be individuals important to you in the future.
Yesterday was supposed to be my alone time.
But because once upon a time I stepped out of my comfort zone and took a shot at throwing a disc…the reality turned out much better.

One fine afternoon with Blue

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  1. I ran into Blue din in, of all places, church! Tish: "Nagsisimba ka pala?!" Blue: "Sana patawarin ka ng Diyos sa lahat ng kasalanan mo."

    Sayang you weren't able to go to the exhibit opening (Nino's birthday!).

  2. I know Tishie. I super promised Nins pa naman :) bumawi naman ako...hindi ko na sinabing pupunta ako at pumunta na lang ako :)

  3. Whee! Hanggang kelan exhibit ni Nino? I should drop by. Heller kapitbahay ko lang ang Powerplant. Tsk. I wanna be moved by art.

  4. Leiiiii :) the exhibit will be there til oct 10 :) go, have 10 days left to be mooooved :)


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